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Upcoming changes to the Kentucky health insurance exchange

Since January 1, 2014 individuals have been able to purchase health insurance through the Kentucky state run exchange known as KYNECT. With the 2017 open enrollment period, which begins on November 1, 2016, Kentucky will no longer have a state run exchange but will join the Federal exchange.

      Those who have been using KYNECT will notice several changes when using the federal exchange and may find it a little more difficult to navigate. Anyone who applied for insurance on KYNECT will not have their information automatically transferred to the federal system. Basically, you will be starting from scratch on the federal exchange.

      This change to the Federal exchange may cause anxiety and frustration for many but we are here to help you through this process as a licensed and certified broker. In fact a brokers' expertise and knowledge will be more important than ever in providing the information and unbiased recommendations needed to make well-informed decisions.

Contact us today to discuss your concerns about this change and get the answers you need from a qualified and trusted agent. Contact agents Mark or Debra Spalding at 270-699-3616 or 888-344-9911.